karen boyd

I'm a researcher interested in the way people think, and how we can design things to fit.

I'm currently working with Dr. Jim Hollan in the Design Lab at UCSD, asking questions about how we can help people restart complex work on the computer after interruptions.

My broader interests include creativity, decision-making, research through design, and research methods in HCI.

I am also a teacher, a research consultant, and a commissioned painter.

If you are a prospective client, thank you for coming by! Unfortunately, I'm not taking on new clients at the moment. If you'd like, email me and let me know what kind of expertise you're looking for. If I don't know of someone I trust whose name I can give you, I know how we can find some one great to meet your needs.

If you are looking for BIG.r here's the website. Thanks for your interest!

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