I’m 6’1.5″: taller than 99.9993% of women. (I just looked that up! Worse than last time I checked.)

This company sells jeans that are too long for me.

Obviously, I purchased them.

I found them in Parkway Plaza, at the Buckle store, when I was about 18, having been tipped off by my friend who worked there. I couldn’t afford them at the time, so I just went in to confirm their existence. Sure enough: Long, XLong, and XXLong. They’ve got women’s inseams up to 37.5″; men’s are even longer. To put this in context, most women’s jeans have a 32″ inseam with the “long” flavor generally at 34″. 35″ is sufficient for me to avoid the awkward grew-an-inch-overnight look.

A few months later I went in again: still there, still three times the price I’d ever paid for jeans. I tried them on anyway, and just stood in the dressing room for a while.

Eventually, I bought the jeans. And even though the XLongs fit, I bought the XXLongs. Two full inches of glorious excess: I can cuff them and feel blessedly normal or wear even my tallest heels without issue. That feeling alone and the increased frequency of wear was worth at least 5 times what I used to pay for jeans.

Of course, nothing can be perfect: the wash on the pair that both fit and was on sale is somewhere between puzzling and obnoxious. Also, since then, I’ve found long-enough, more expensive jeans (I can only afford them at half price: they’re twice as expensive as the Buckle jeans I bought) with washes that won’t embarrass me at work and have developed a minor aversion to Parkway Plaza. I’ll eventually brace myself for a return trip, though: looks like they have some new washes, and there’s not a lot I wouldn’t endure for jeans measured in inches!

TL;DR: for tall people, Buckle is definitely worth a shot.

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